Energetic, reliable and not afraid to stand out!

That is what people have been saying about us since 2016, the year of the Mašida real estate development company establishment.

From the very beginning, we have been carrying out contract work and having accumulated the initial capital, in 2018 we purchased a plot in the Trakai district and divided it into an array of 20 plots. After successfully selling a part of those, we gradually built and developed the first settlement of Kunigaikščiai valley.

Mašida - išsiskirti nebijanti statybos bendrovė

The further — the better! In the same year, the founders of Mašida began to study civil engineering to further improve and deepen their knowledge.

In the same year that the Mašida company has been established, we have designed unique apartments on the edge of the Visorių forest park in harmony with nature and the city, and in 2021 we successfully completed the construction of the project and shook hands with the new residents of PARAŠTĖ settlement.

Looking for a spacious area for another new project, we purchased an array of plots between two lakes – BONAMO. Unfortunately, due to decisions made by the state, it was decided to build RAIL BALTICA, a project of national importance through the newly designed settlement. The project has been stopped and the procedure of withdrawing the land for public needs has been started. Without losing sight of our values, we have done our best to successfully return home loan advances to people and maintain our name and reputation.

In 2021 we added an array of 82 plots to our work portfolio!

We started the construction of 40 duplex houses in VINGIAI, a new block in the city of Vilnius, and we successfully sold the remaining 42 plots to families who will create and build their dream homes themselves.

After all the experience gained, we have assembled a strong team of experienced construction and engineering experts, thanks to whom we can offer high-quality service and creative solutions. We pay special attention to the quality of the work we do, as it is what makes us stand out.

We communicate with our clients a lot, and taking into account their desires, needs and dreams, we create new projects for the private and public sector. We build residential, commercial and industrial objects.

We started the year 2022 by purchasing 3 more plot arrays!

A completely new, 49-plot Svajonių pakrantė block is being built in a special place – on the shore of Turgaičiai lake, where the boundaries of Vilnius end and the historical lands of Trakai begin.

Draugystės slėnis plot array is right on the border of the city of Vilnius, where we already are finishing a particularly cozy settlement of 10 houses, for those who are looking for a quiet, contented and private life surrounded by nature, but at the same time, not far from the city centre.

And without forgetting the business industry, already in the II quarter of 2023 we plan to start the construction of a new 4500 m2 business centre, which will be located in the Naujamiestis area of the Vilnius city. II quarter

Quality results and the smiles of our customers are the outcome of our values!

Quality results and the smiles of our customers are the outcome of our values!

Guided by this, we create high value added for our customers, as their happiness is our top priority.

Providing maximum quality in everything is our daily routine!

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